Recording Studios

Computer technology has elevated recording technology to heights beyond anything one could have imagined a decade ago. New recording tools are being developed every day, better creative interfaces are spawning up everywhere and technology is driving prices down to the point where anyone can record and post a video on line using a hand-held camera and a computer.

When it comes to audio production, what differentiates the amateur with the professional is the sonic quality. And no matter how good the microphone, analogue to digital conversion or the playback system, unless the room acoustics have been addressed, the results will be inconsistent.

Acoustically treating a recording studio comes down to creating a neutral listening environment that will allow one to record, mix and produce music with confidence so that when the music is played on other audio systems, it will sound balanced—both with respect to spatial placement and frequency response. These pages discuss various applications and provide suggestions on how to achieve the very best results.

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Tracking Room

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